Product Details

XE215C is suitable for earth and stone construction projects such as municipal construction, highway bridges, housing construction, road engineering, farmland water conservancy construction, port construction and so on.It has features of good flexibility and maneuverability, low fuel consumption, high construction efficiency, large digging force, comfortable driving environment and wide range of application.
1. Original imported engine
An Imported Isuzu engine that provides powerful performance and low fuel consumption. The overall system is optimised to provide a comprehensive performance upgrade.
2. Latest fuel filter
The latest fuel filer improves filtration and ensures oil inlet quality, thus improving the reliability of the machine under harsh operating conditions.
3. Hydraulic system
Original imported high-end hydraulic components are configured to match capabilities for excellent performance.
4. Structure
Finite element analysis is used in the structural design to strengthen key components so that they can withstand greater stress. This ensures that the machine stays durable under different harsh operating conditions.
5. Optional match
Optional tools include a breaker, a cold temperature activation device, and falling object protection, all to increase the capabilities of the machine.

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